HBL Batteries

Founded in 1977, HBL is a global leader in the industrial and specialized batteries space. As one of the largest battery manufacturers globally, we have built an extensive footprint and cater to the most demanding customers and applications.

HBL is unrivalled in its ability to design, manufacture, supply, and service customized battery solutions using several battery chemistries. These include VRLA, nickel-cadmium, silver, and lithium-ion types.

HBL is focused on excellence in all we do. We pride ourselves on the indigenous development of virtually all our technologies, encouraging our engineers to learn and lead in their fields of expertise and where we identify profitable opportunities. With our relentless pursuit to provide reliable, high-quality battery solutions, we have developed innovative products for transportation, standby, military and industrial applications that meet customer needs.

Located in Manchester, Connecticut, HBL America Inc is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HBL Power Systems Ltd of India. The distribution center provides commercial and technical support, local product availability, and training. Our modern facility supports our customers in the United States and Canada. We stock a range of commonly used batteries from our portfolio and ensure local delivery of long lead time items and specialty batteries.

The center also provides support to our Americas based sales representatives network in meeting the battery system needs of our customers. We serve our end-user customers directly and via authorized representatives. HBL offers products with the HBL brand, and we provide long-term branded supply agreements for other battery companies and large-scale users.

All batteries are quality checked before shipment to customers. HBL follows all guidelines and certifications required from a battery manufacturer in the USA. HBL recognizes and uses IEEE recommendations for testing and battery sizing, and batteries are capacity tested at the manufacturing site. We offer customer specific certifications as well as ranges certified by UL and other agencies.

Our constant commitment to innovation led us to offer the world’s most comprehensive range of specialized batteries available today. Our batteries provide unique solutions to the most challenging applications including missiles, aviation, submarine propulsion, and UAVs. HBL supports several critical applications across sectors, including Aviation, Railways, Defense, Oil & Gas, Power, Telecom & Data Centers.

As the world enters the new energy era, we have expanded our portfolio to keep pace with emerging opportunities. HBL offers tailor-made solutions in Energy storage and E-Mobility markets where our customers are prepared to engineer the solution together with us.

HBL supplies our products and services across the world to many recognized companies. Our customers use HBL to solve their business problems and see us as a partner that adds value to their success. We are active in over 100 countries and have deployed our batteries from Mumbai to Alaska.

HBL designs and manufactures products and solutions for many demanding and growing markets: